Briefs, Trunks or Bodyfit Boxers

Long gone are the days in which men only had a choice of white cotton briefs or boxer shorts (or a fig leaf versus a loin cloth). Now Dingodude offers an ecofriendly, healthy, well-designed and colourful choice of comfortable men’s underwear.

All Dingodude men’s underwear feature a functional open front, not just a decorative line of piping!

Briefs: full coverage seat, and less leg coverage than the trunk, the brief is fitted for support and style.

Trunks: Similar to bodyfit boxers but with a shorter leg giving a square-cut appearance. Trunks are less likely to ride up.

Bodyfit Boxers: Not to be confused with traditional loose fitting boxer shorts, Dingodude Bodyfit Boxers contour the body, fit like a brief but with longer cut legs. The common reaction from those who don’t like boxers is “Wow, these are really comfortable!” If chafing thighs are an issue, bodyfit boxers may be the solution.

Be it based on temperature regulation, function or which style suits your body shape the choice is YOURS!
Even if you are encumbered at work with a drab uniform, you can express yourself with Dingodude bold colours and patterns. A sneak peek at the waistband will alert others to the inner-you!


Dingodude has provided a size chart as a guide. If you fall between two size ranges keep in mind the waistband and fabric has a reasonable degree of stretch, so the size up or down may both fit. Decide on whether you want a snug fit or slightly looser fit. This choice may be influenced by your body shape and thickness of your upper thighs, what size pouch you require and how much or little around the seat.

If you find the waistband is digging in slightly and leaves a mark at the end of the day, go for the next size up.

Start Smart

You are reading this probably because you know how to dress to impress. You have suit trousers or tailored pants that fit just right! But beware of VPL (visible panty lines). Yep, guys can get them too.

The first layer of the day can impact on the overall appearance. Choose the correct underwear and avoid the disaster of saggy briefs or bunchy boxers under slim fit trousers.

Fortunately Dingodude has you covered to achieve that polished finish. The elastic yet durable nature of the bamboo fibre fabric and seamless sides ensures that our bodyfit boxers and trunks will be invisible under a relaxed or snug fit, and of course our briefs are perfect for skinny or tight fit jeans and trousers.


Athletes and casual visitors to the gym have the same requirement from their underwear – help reach or surpass their goals while staying comfortable. Dingodude’s soft, well-constructed underwear will get through the most intense training days with ease.

The antibacterial and moisture-wicking qualities of bamboo fibre fabric protect your wedding tackle by keeping the lads comfortably supported when your body is in full motion. More breathable and cooler than cotton and with a wide waistband, Dingodude men’s underwear is the clear choice.


Travelling light is made easy with Dingodude bamboo fibre undergarments. Already thinner and lighter than cotton fabric, the only choice is whether you can save a few more grams of over-all luggage weight by choosing briefs rather than trunks or boxers.

No matter what the climate and altitude, Dingodude’s bamboo fabric provides the soft, breathable choice for seamless comfort.