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The man behind Dingodude sought to create underwear which was more than just something to wear under one’s shorts or trousers.

Dingodude’s purpose was to provide men with garments that looked good, felt good on, plus had health benefits and are environmentally responsible in their manufacture.

After researching different fabrics and visiting manufacturers at all levels – the fibre manufacturers, fabric knitters and garment makers we are now happy to present our range which fulfils our objectives: look good, feel good, good for your health, good for the planet.


The Dingodude Man

The Dingodude man thinks like us, has an identity, taste and complete knowledge of what he wears. He is somebody who is aware of the effort we make, and the effort of our yarn manufacturers and garment makers.

The Dingodude man is environmentally and socially responsible. He likes the product because more than it looks good and feels good to wear, the explanation matches his aspirations. He understands it. It’s that deeper, personal appreciation of the product which makes him feel good.

Founder of Dingodude

Dingodude originated as a concept by Brian Lambton in mid-2011 to bring a new approach to men’s underwear, one that reflected innovation, leadership and a certain attitude in the manufacturing, design, fabrics, colours and patterns that could be made available to men’s apparel.

Brian and a small team developed the feasibility of the concept and manufacturing. 

The team researched the existing market and decided where to start. They found there was a gap in the market for new technology fibres which produced fabrics that were not just extremely comfortable, but had health benefits as well as being ecologically responsible.

After sourcing a garment manufacturer that met our high standards, the team inspected the knitting mills and the yarn manufacturer. We were insistent that the fabric and the bamboo fibre specifications and standards were met at every step of the manufacturing process.

In May 2013 they designed the initial range of 3 styles with 10 colours and patterns. Care was taken over every detail, from how the washing care instruction label was attached to the seamless sides and functionality of the open front.

We were very pleased to see the first shipment arrive in Australia in September 2013 and present a range of men’s underwear which looks good, feels good on, is good for your health, and good for the planet.

Dingodude underwear – designed for a purpose.

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