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Why Your Underwear Needs an Upgrade

Why Your Underwear Needs an Upgrade

  • 21 August, 2019
  • Dingodude Apparel Pty Limited

When was the last time you bought yourself a fine piece of underwear? Did you pick them out from the store, choosing the cheapest or the nicest? It seems like no one spends too much time buying underwear, right?

But, come to think of it, your underwear is some of the most worn garments in your closet because you wear them every day. Have you been wearing that old pair for more than a year? It’s time to replace your old underwear, mate.

10 reasons to get a Dingo Dude underwear upgrade

Here are 10 reasons why you should upgrade to Dingo Dude underwear.

1. Durable to last longer

If you’re like most guys, you may choose to buy the familiar cheap brands you’ve become used to. You stick with these brands even if they are not the best quality. And  when these low-quality materials wear out, you just buy them over and over again, spending more money in the process.

Buying underwear made from high-quality materials can be more expensive at first. But actually, it will save you money in the long run. That’s because high-quality materials are made to last. If you want underwear that will not sag or loosen easily and will look good for longer, you should definitely upgrade your underwear.

2. Accentuates your physical form and features to make you more attractive

One of the most important things to consider when buying underwear is the fit. Well-fitting underwear has the hems and garters in the right places. This will help enhance your features as it fits right to your body form. New underwear with the proper fit will make you feel confident, especially any time when you strip down, like in the gym or on your special date night.

3. Looks better under your clothes

As mentioned, quality underwear looks better than low-quality underwear on its own. But it also looks better with clothes on. Most guys don’t worry about wearing low-quality underwear because they think it's not that noticeable. This is a mistake. The outlines are heaps visible through your pants, and you should choose the right cut of underwear depending on your clothes.

If you are wearing slacks or smooth textiles, for example, you don’t want underwear lines to be seen around your thighs. Men who go to the gym or have an active lifestyle might want boxers or trunks for better coverage and support.

4. Keeps your man parts warm in winter and cool in the summer

If your underwear comes from good quality material, your body would be able to breathe through the covering. Underwear made from high-end textile-like bamboo fabric can adapt easily no matter the weather.

If it’s cold, it’s an efficient layer of insulation to keep you warm. If it’s warm, your skin will still be able to breathe. The fabric is also smooth enough to feel comfortable no matter what the temperature is.

5. Absorbs perspiration well to suit your active lifestyle

Bamboo fabric absorbs perspiration well without making you feel damp or sticky. This is perfect for people who sweat a lot or do a lot of physical activity. Even if you don’t sweat often, this kind of fabric feels good on the skin during the summer months. Regardless, the areas between your thighs and groin are prone to sweat and friction. It is, therefore, best to wear underwear that absorbs perspiration and prevents rashes or darkening of the skin.

6. Lets you move more freely while keeping everything in place

Effective underwear will be able to fulfil its intended purpose, which is to support your man parts. Some men find it difficult to get underwear that fits right and is comfortable enough. By choosing bamboo fabric sewn with the utmost care, your underwear will not ride up no matter how much you move, but at the same time will not feel too tight. This cloth expands well with every movement but does not break easily. What this means is you can move freely without feeling loose down under.

7. Makes you more comfortable

Because your new underwear fits perfectly, it is no doubt more comfortable than other brands. You also don’t have to worry about either your skin or underwear showing despite large movements like bending over to pick up something from the floor. It is comfortable and you can move easily while feeling well supported, and made of high-quality fabric that is smooth on the skin, better than pure cotton or silk.

8. It nurtures your reproductive health

Low-quality and poor-fitting underwear are not just bad to look at; they can also potentially harm your reproductive health. That goes for both too loose and too tight underwear. For loose underwear, they would not support your package well, and your balls may bump into each other or rub against your skin. For tight underwear, a cross-sectional study found that men who wear tight briefs often have a lower sperm count than men who wear comfortable boxers. High-quality boxers can preserve your sperm count.

9. It saves the planet (made from bamboo materials)

People nowadays are becoming more environmentally conscious. Saving the Earth has become more urgent as the planet struggles with pollution and tons of waste.

By choosing a brand that dedicates itself to protecting the environment, you are certain that you are contributing to the welfare of our planet. Synthetic materials and chemicals are harmful to the environment, but bamboo fabric is 100% biodegradable and comes from organic and widely available bamboo shoots, which are a renewable source.

10. Offers better health features than cotton

The use of bamboo for underwear does not only save the earth. They can also save your health. Just like cotton, bamboo is highly absorbent and can definitely keep your privates dry. But unlike cotton, bamboo fabrics have natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which absorb the bad odour and keep you fresh.

Moreover, bamboo fabrics are good insulators of heat, which means they can keep your balls warm in winter and cool in summer. If you have allergies to some types of fabric, worry not because bamboo fabrics are hypoallergenic. To top this upgrade, bamboo fabrics can save you from the harmful UV rays and keep you free from skin cancer.

Upgrade your daily wear with Dingo Dude underwear

Now that you're buying a new set of underwear, choose a brand which is now making it way to the modern fashion industry. You’ll be wearing something unique with unique features which no other brand can offer. No more need to have a hard time shopping in the mall. Order now or contact us at 0452 579 588 for enquiries.

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