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Top Reasons to Wear Bamboo Clothing

Top Reasons to Wear Bamboo Clothing

  • 25 June, 2019
  • Dingodude Apparel Pty Limited

A few good reasons to choose bamboo clothing.

Fibre is one of the handiest materials that people can utilise. It can be used for a variety of purposes, with clothing being one of the most important. New materials for use in clothing are always being sought as a result. The best ones, of course, are the materials that come from nature. Bamboo is one of the plants that we use for the production of fibre. Bamboo clothing is possible because of this.

We all know that cotton, hemp, and flax are sources of fibre for clothes.  Not many people are aware, however, that bamboo is also usable. Bamboo is an excellent resource for different purposes, with fibre extraction being an important use. This fibre is then woven into a fabric that can be made into clothes.


Bamboo and bamboo fibres

Bamboo clothing, as the name implies, is made of bamboo-based fabrics. These are sustainable, as bamboo is widespread across the world and is fast growing. In fact, an estimate states that there are nearly 40 million hectares of bamboo currently on the planet.

There are many methods of extracting fibre from the bamboo plant. One of the most popular ways is by physically crushing the bamboo. This allows the individual fibres to be extracted, separated, and sorted. They are then cleaned and woven into different types of items. The process is environmentally-friendly. As a raw material, bamboo fibre is flexible and can be used for many purposes.

The use of bamboo fibres

Bamboo fibres have been used in many parts of Asia since ancient times. The use of the plant, in fact, dates back to around 7,000 years ago in China. It became an integral part of Chinese culture and daily life. Today, bamboo still sees use in many industries. We can even say that the use of bamboo today is more widespread compared to centuries ago.

Here are some of the uses of bamboo fibres:

  • Clothing: The most common use of bamboo fibre is for weaving fabrics. The fabric is then used for manufacturing clothing. The fibre itself can also be woven directly into items like hats, screens, or baskets.
  • Bandages: Scientists believe that bamboo fibres may have antibacterial properties. It is suitable for use in items that need to be sterile as a result. Bandages, wound dressings, and masks are some of the items that bamboo fibre is used for.
  • UV-proof items: Bamboo fibre is also woven into items that need to protect, or to be protected, from ultraviolet rays. Some of these items include curtains, screens, and cover materials.
  • Décor: Decorations made from bamboo fibre have also been around for centuries.

Bamboo fibre is incredibly strong, flexible, and has a variety of uses. This is the reason why bamboo fabric should be on the list of things to look for in clothing.

9 reasons why you should use bamboo clothing

Bamboo fabric has a lot of unique properties that are not found in other materials. There are numerous benefits that you can get if you use bamboo clothing. Here are 9 reasons why you should use bamboo clothing:

1. Bamboo clothing is sustainable

Bamboo is the largest grass on Earth. It grows fast and does not need to be replanted after being cut down. This makes the production of bamboo fibre sustainable. This also means that production costs are kept relatively low. Bamboo plantations are not as high-maintenance compared to other plants.

2. Its production is environmentally-friendly

Unlike the production of many synthetic fibres, bamboo fibre extraction is environmentally friendly. It does not involve producing an excessive amount of waste. The process of extraction also does not involve the use of chemicals that are detrimental to the environment.

3. The material is biodegradable

The problem with many types of synthetic fibres is that they take hundreds of years to break down. This is not the case for bamboo fibres. Bamboo clothing is biodegradable. You won’t have to worry about your discarded clothing polluting the environment.

4. Bamboo fibres have both antibacterial and antifungal properties

The bamboo plant has antibacterial and antifungal properties. The fabrics woven from bamboo fibre retain some of these properties. These properties make bamboo clothing naturally clean and odour-proof.

5. Got allergies? No problem

The skin of some people may become irritated or itchy after prolonged contact with synthetic fibres. This is not a problem with bamboo fabric as the material is antiallergenic. You can wear clothing for prolonged periods without irritation.

6. Provides UV resistance

The fabric also blocks UV radiation. This is the reason why bamboo fibre is used for UV-protecting materials. Even a simple outdoor stroll can expose you to UV radiation from the sun. Protect yourself by wearing bamboo clothing.

7. The material is comfortable to wear, and the fabric is breathable

Some types of fabric can become uncomfortable after prolonged wearing. Not bamboo fabric. Bamboo clothing is soft and silky and remains so even after a long time. You won’t get itchy or sticky from this material. It also lets your skin breathe since air can freely flow through the fabric.

8. Wicks water away

If you are the type that sweats a lot, then bamboo clothing is definitely for you. The bamboo fabric keeps you dry. This is also useful during the rainy season. Staying dry isn’t a problem if you have bamboo clothing.

9. Keeps you cool or warm

Finally, bamboo fabric is unique in the sense that it can keep you both cool and warm. During sunny days, the fabric is comfortably cool. On cold days, it feels surprisingly warm. The comfort that bamboo clothing can give you is unparalleled.

Get your bamboo clothing today

Bamboo fabric is one of the best materials that you can use for clothing. Dingodude manufactures the best bamboo clothing that you can find on the market. Drop us a line at 0452 579 588 or contact us through our Facebook page.

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