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Top 7 Men’s Underwear Fabric to Choose From

Top 7 Men’s Underwear Fabric to Choose From

  • 30 April, 2020
  • Brian Lambton

Cotton fabric, nylon fabric, mesh fabric and bamboo fabric are some of your options.

Men usually do not like to discuss the type of underwear that they use. “Hey, what are your favourite undies?” is a conversation topic you would not hear in bars. However, it is an undeniable fact that having comfortable and durable underwear is of utmost importance.

The type of underwear fabric has a significant effect on quality, longevity and comfort. If you are at a loss on what undies to get at the store and have no one to talk to, here is a list to help you out.

1. Cotton fabric

Cotton is the most common type of fabric used for men’s underwear. It is also highly recommended because it is cosy, breathable and airy. It feels soft to the skin and highly durable for undergarments.

The fabric is absorbent, which means that it can absorb sweat and any other type of moisture. It is not recommended for use during exercise, but it is suitable for use at work, school, or doing errands. It also does not shrink when washed, so your mind will be at peace that your briefs will not be a lot smaller after washing.

2. Nylon fabric

Nylon is a fabric that contains microfiber construction. It fits snugly and feels soft on the skin. Nylon fabric keeps the wearer dry as opposed to cotton. It means that it is more hygienic and comfortable to use for working out at the gym. It is also easy to wash; thus, it is simple to maintain and care for. 

It needs only a short time to dry off after being washed. It comes in handy when you need a clean pair during the morning rush. Its only disadvantage is that it tends to produce wet spots when used in a hot climate.

3. Modal fabric

Modal is a trademarked fibre made in Austria using rayon – a beech wood extract. It is twice as soft as cotton, based on the Kawabata Evaluation Systems for Fabrics. It is a good choice of fabric if you are not satisfied with the absorption that nylon fabric provides. It feels smooth and soft to the skin, which means it will not irritate unless you are allergic.

Although it gives less support as compared to nylon and cotton, you can wear modal underwear anytime, anywhere. It is useful when going to the gym or when you wear jeans or a suit. It is shrink-resistant and unlikely to fade even after several washes.

4. Mesh fabric

Mesh fabric has always been the go-to material for men’s sports underwear. It is light and breathable. Some companies even go the extra mile by using heat-sensitive mesh fabric. That helps distribute the body heat, leaving your pants still cool to the skin – even after doing a round of cardio.

The fabric in itself is quite stretchable, especially when mixed with other materials such as spandex. You do not have to worry about your undies giving up on you in the middle of an intense workout or game.

A soft nylon mesh fabric also has less contact with the skin. It gives you the feeling as if you are not wearing any underwear. Aside from texture, it also provides lightness. 

5. Spandex fabric

Spandex is also known as Lycra or elastane. It is a type of synthetic fibre that is greatly valued for its elasticity. It is more long-lasting as compared to rubber, making it perfect for everyday wear.

Spandex is mixed with other materials such as polyester, nylon and cotton. It is mostly used in workout undergarments because it provides the following benefits: optimal sweat absorption, breathable, soft and comfortable.

Synthetic fibres, such as polyester and nylon, stick to your skin once you start sweating, so you have to keep sloughing it off. On the other hand, spandex feels soft and feels comfortable throughout your workout session.

Underwear made out of nylon, polyester and cotton smells unpleasant once your sweat accumulates because of growing bacteria and yeast. Spandex is expandable and sweat-wicking. As such, it remains free of bacteria that produce a terrible odour.

6. Polyester fabric

Polyester is a synthetic fabric that was specially designed to be thin and comfortable. Its level of thickness is half of cotton’s and other types of fabric’s thickness levels. Its colours also do not fade as quickly compared to cotton.

It is strong and highly durable and can resist wrinkles. It is quite easy to wash and dry, making it suitable for days when you are in a hurry. Since it is light and thin, this makes it the perfect underwear to match with tight-fitting jeans. Its only disadvantage is that it is not highly absorbent. It’s not recommended for use during hot days or when you engage in sports activities. 

7. Bamboo fabric

We are all used to seeing common fabric like cotton and hemp. Unknown to many, Bamboo is also rising in popularity because of its many advantages. It is soft and silky, even if used for a long time. There is no feeling of itchiness or stickiness from the material. It also allows air circulation through the fabric so that your skin can breathe.

Bamboo is also known for its antifungal and antibacterial properties. Fabrics made from bamboo fibre retains these properties. As a result, bamboo underwear is odour-proof and naturally clean. It is also antiallergenic. Unlike synthetic fibres, where some people may experience irritation or itchiness, bamboo fibre can be worn for an extended period without any issues.

The best part about bamboo fibre is that it wicks water away. If you sweat a lot, bamboo underwear keeps you feeling dry and comfortable throughout the day.

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