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Tips on Getting the Right Size of Underwear

Tips on Getting the Right Size of Underwear

  • 19 July, 2019
  • Dingodude Apparel Pty Limited

What do you need to consider to make sure you get the right fit?

Suppose you have a special date, or maybe you are looking for snug underwear for the gym. Perhaps you are just tired of your old worn-out underwear. Regardless of the situation, you need the right size underwear to support you throughout the day.

Finding the right size of underwear is easy. Here are a few tips in finding what’s perfect for you:

Measure your body features

In terms of clothes, there is no such thing as “one size fits all.” Some men are naturally skinny, some are more athletic and muscular, and some have legendary dad bods. In getting the right size of clothes, it is essential to measure your body features to find clothes that fit perfectly. The same is true for underwear.

Here are the most essential body features you need to measure to find the perfect underwear for you:

· Waistline

The waistline is, of course, the most obvious body measurement to consider when choosing an appropriate underwear size.

To get your correct waistband size, you need a measuring tape. Wrap the tape measure around your abdomen, just above your hip bones. Secure the tape measure to fit it snugly but not tightly. Inhale for 3-5 seconds, then slowly exhale. The measurement on the tape measure is your waistband size.

For your reference, this is the table for selecting your appropriate waistband size:






















· Leg size

Much elastic underwear can stretch naturally to 5cm in waist width to accommodate any size. But waist size alone is not the only reasons to choose your underwear. For example, a skinny man with a waistline of 82 cm and slender legs will be comfortable in a small size. However, a man with the same waistline but with bigger, muscular thighs will find it more comfortable to use a large size.

To get the right underwear size, follow the size chart above. Most underwear is made from fabrics that have a reasonable degree of stretch. If your size falls in between the ranges in the chart, feel free to choose either the size above or below depending on whether you favour a tighter or looser fit.

Choose your preferred style of underwear

After measuring, you’re now free to choose what style of underwear you want. Gone are the days when men only had a choice between briefs or boxers. Now, many more styles of underwear are available. There are even sub-classifications, such as low-rise and high-rise briefs, and boxer shorts. Among these styles, three are common: briefs, trunks, and boxers.

· Briefs

Briefs are the standard, everyday underwear that comes in different designs. They offer support to your groin, hips, and buttocks while leaving your thighs uncovered. Because of this, they are the most comfortable to wear among the bunch.

Because briefs come in different rises, you will need to measure your waist depending on the rise. For example, in low-rise briefs, you will need to measure below your natural waistline on the hips. Medium-rise briefs are measured at the natural waistline, while high-rise briefs are measured above this.

· Trunks

For those who feel that briefs are too short and boxers are too long, trunks make the perfect fit. They are essentially boxers with shorter legs. This makes them the ideal underwear for both everyday use and special occasions.

In getting the right size of trunks, you also need to measure your natural waistline, and your leg size should also be given consideration.

· Body-fit boxers

Unlike looser boxer shorts, these boxers fit snugly with your thighs. They usually cover all of your groin, hips, buttocks, and almost half of your thighs. Because they provide complete coverage, they are perfect for everyday and gym use.

When taking the size of the boxers, you also need to measure your natural waistline. But in choosing boxers, leg size is also crucial.

Other important considerations

Aside from choosing your preferred style of underwear, there are other important things to consider. In getting the right underwear, you need to make sure that they are:

· The perfect fit

The exact measurements mentioned above will help you find the underwear that suits you. But numbers alone are not enough to make sure that your underwear is the perfect fit. You can only assess the comfort of wearing the underwear first-hand.

What does perfect fit mean? That’s simple. You only need to make sure that your underwear is neither too tight nor too loose.

Underwear that is too loose won’t sit comfortably on your waist or legs. This is uncomfortable, and the loose ends can constantly rub itself against your skin. Also, it would make you look less attractive and doesn’t accentuate your assets down there.

On the other hand, underwear that is too tight would compress your pelvic area. This can diminish your circulation in that area, making you extra uncomfortable. Worse, wearing tight underwear has been found to lower your sperm count.

· Made from the perfect material

Many types of fabric are used as the material for your underwear. And many of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. Perhaps the most common fabric used is cotton, which is breathable and absorbent but will sag when it gets sweaty. Polyester is a strong and durable material but is heavy and hot to wear. Rayon is a soft and delicate fabric that provides comfort but offers little support.

To find the perfect material for underwear, we can turn to Mother Nature. Among the plant fibres available in nature, bamboo is perhaps the ideal material for underwear.

Bamboo fabrics are quite durable on their own and are good at regulating temperature regardless of the season. Despite being strong, bamboo fabrics are actually softer than cotton and almost comparable to silk. They also have health benefits such as hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, and antifungal properties, all at the same time. They are twice as absorbent to sweat when compared to cotton.

Bamboo fabrics only have a few disadvantages. Once they have absorbed too much moisture, their anti-microbial properties would not stand a chance against microbial growth. But, that also happens in all types for fabrics, and won’t be a problem if you wash them regularly.

· Worth the price

Another ‘disadvantage’ of bamboo fabrics is their expensive price tags. The cost of bamboo is high not only because of its high demand but also due to its one-of-a-kind manufacturing process. The genuine bamboo fabrics undergo strict production process that transforms the bamboo plant into the material.

With its iron-clad benefits, bamboo underwear pays for itself. Moreover, the price for the finished product are the same as, and sometimes even cheaper than, branded underwear.

Genuine bamboo underwear of different sizes and styles

Getting your very own bamboo underwear is now made easier. At Dingo Dude, we offer high-quality underwear of various sizes and styles to suit the needs and preferences of every man. We strive to provide products that look good, feels good, good for your health, and good for the planet. For orders and enquiries, you may contact us at 0452 579 588.

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