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Men’s Underwear Questions You’re Embarrassed to Ask About

Men’s Underwear Questions You’re Embarrassed to Ask About

  • 10 October, 2019
  • Dingodude Apparel Pty Limited

Your underwear is one of the most worn articles of clothing in your closet. You wear it every day, at work, at home, wherever you are. Most men wear the same kind of underwear they started with in their high school days. It can be because of habit or preference. However, it is often not a topic that men are comfortable discussing with their male friends. Most of your mates may have some question or two, and they may feel like switching to a different style. But it’s not an easy topic to bring up in a night of drinking or merrymaking.

This article will discuss common questions that most men have about their underwear. If you are considering changing up your underwear game but don’t know where to start, then this is for you.

What is the best underwear style for me?

The most common styles of men’s underwear are the briefs, boxers, boxer briefs, and trunks. The best underwear style for you will depend on the following factors:

  • Your lifestyle
  • Your daily activities
  • The types of trousers you wear
  • Your preference

1. Briefs

Briefs are the standard underwear most men have in the draw. They come in different rises: low rise, midrise, and high rise. A brief covers the entire backside and your entire package. It leaves the upper thighs exposed, making it comfortable while providing support. It is perfect for daily use, and even for moderate sports.

2. Boxers

Boxers are loose-fitting and do not provide much in the way of package support. If you value comfort and breathability, then a pair of boxers is your best bet. It allows the wearer maximum leg movement with its baggy form.

3. Boxer Briefs

A pair of boxer briefs combines the best of both briefs and boxers. They cover about a third of your legs, protecting you from skin chaffing during sports activities. They also provide the same amount of package support that a pair of briefs gives you.

4. Trunks

A pair of trunks is a cross between a brief and a boxer brief. It has shorter legs than a pair of boxer briefs and has a square cut form. You can wear a pair of trunks with anything, and it provides a body-hugging fit.

How often should I wash my underwear?

Sweaty and stinky underwear is never attractive nor comfortable. Practising good hygiene is a must, and shows your self-respect as well as your respect to the people around you. Your underwear is subject to sweat during strenuous physical activities. Do not forget to change and wash your underwear after an intense session of physical activities. Even if you do not engage in rigorous physical ctivities, you must change your underwear daily.

What is the best material for underwear?

One of the factors that may affect your choice of underwear is its type of fabric. Men’s underwear comes in many different fabrics: cotton, nylon, silk, modal, Lycra, and Spandex, among others.

The right fabric for you will depend on your taste and preference. Your comfort will also play an essential factor in your choice. Take into consideration the activities that you will be doing when wearing them.

Cotton and modal underwear are the typical choices of most men. Cotton is a fabric known for its breathability and comfort. It is one of the most common materials used for undergarments. It allows some elasticity, allowing it to stretch and giving the wearer more comfort.

Modal comes from synthetic cellulose fibre. It absorbs more moisture than cotton, and is pretty durable.

Spandex underwear is the best choice if you will engage in sports or any physical activities. Wear your Spandex briefs for your gym workouts for support and comfort.

How many pairs of underwear should I own?

It is safe to say that each man should have at least three weeks’ worth of underwear. Having more than twenty pairs of underwear can present some dresser space issues. However, if you do frequent physical activity, then you might consider buying additional pairs of underwear.

How long should I hold on to an underwear?

Do not hold on to your favourite underwear until they start to shred in your automatic washing machine. As a general rule, you should replace your underwear after a year. Let go of the faded and saggy pairs in your closet.

Any underwear that has the following needs to go:

  • Visible holes
  • Visible stains
  • Inelastic band
  • Bad fit

Is ‘going commando’ okay?

Your underwear protects a sensitive area from rubbing against the material of your pants. It also prevents unwanted stains on your expensive trousers. Wearing a pair of underwear is really simpler than the trouble that going commando can give you. Some, however, enjoy going commando when doing a workout. Tight, form-fitting exercise pants can provide you with sufficient support in a workout.

What is the best underwear colour?

The colour of the underwear you choose matters. When you have found a style and material that works for you, buy it in different colours. Stick with solid colours, and avoid loud prints. If you like to wear white or light-coloured trousers, then you should invest in good quality skin-toned underwear.

Dark-coloured underwear is perfect for your darker coloured trousers. The importance of the right colour underwear for your outfit cannot be downplayed. Bright-coloured underwear beneath your white trousers will attract the wrong kind of attention.

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