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Does Underwear Colour Matter?

Does Underwear Colour Matter?

  • 18 September, 2019
  • Dingodude Apparel Pty Limited

Your underwear will be one of the most private and most personal clothing items that you will own. Though none (or maybe quite a few) will see it, you wear it every day, and very close to your skin. Comfort is one of the main factors most men base their underwear choice on. There are many options that men have when choosing their underwear. From different styles, materials, and types, but men don’t often base their choice of underwear on colour.

Most men and women dismiss their underwear colour. True, you might be the only one who sees it. However, that does not mean that you should take it lightly or dismiss it. Aside from looking seamless and well put, the right underwear colour also has some physiological and psychological effects to the wearer.

Your underwear colour affects your mood.

If you’re feeling under the weather lately, here is a tip: switch the colour of your underwear.

Colour-analysts suggest that the colour of your underwear affects your mood and energy. Even if nobody sees them, the effect on your mood is still apparent to everyone. Each colour sets off a different vibration. Black, grey, and white are the only colours that don’t vibrate. Black cancels energy, which is not suitable for your mood and energy levels.

According to Anjel O’Bryant, a Sydney-based colour technologist, picking the right underwear colour can have positive effects on your life. It can improve not just your mood, but your general well-being too. The vibration that each colour gives off can affect the wearer physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Our base chakra, which is at the bottom of our spine, reacts to our underwear’s colour. O’Bryant explains that the vibration these colours give travels into our nervous system to our brain, affecting our mood and energy.

What does each colour mean?

We will help you decode what each colour means and what they can do for your body. Pull out the right underwear colour to wear to jump start your day and to put you in the right track. Here are some common underwear colours that you can choose from.

· Red

Swap your black underwear for sexy, fun, red briefs. Red promotes vitality and increases your energy levels. It is good to wear red when you are off for a work-out, working long hours, or having a fun night out. It can also help warm your body when you have the chills.

· Blue

Blue is a calming colour, which can help give you a deep and relaxing sleep. It is also believed by some to lower your blood pressure and stimulate your pituitary gland for body nourishment and healing. It is best to wear blue underwear during your bedtime for a restful and invigorating sleep.

· Yellow

Wear yellow underwear to job interviews or board meetings. Yellow is believed to stimulate the brain to work well. Yellow is perfect for times when you need your decision-making abilities to be at its optimum. It is also associated with increased clarity and improved memory.

· Green

Green, the colour closest to nature, represents harmony and balance. Wear green underwear if you are anticipating a stressful day. Green’s calming effect soothes the heart and your nervous system. Bring some comfort and relaxing vibe to your day with green undergarments. It is perfect for those days when you need to beat a looming deadline.

· Violet

If you are on a diet, violet is an excellent choice for your underwear colour. Violet is associated with a balanced metabolism. It also helps to keep your creativity flowing. Wear violet underwear if you need to jumpstart an idea for a new project.

The right underwear colour will make you look put together

Wearing the wrong underwear colour for an outfit can be a nightmare in its own right.

If you are wearing white trousers or shorts, you should avoid wearing black underwear. The outline of the underwear will be visible beneath your white, or any light-coloured strides. However, with white strides, it is also not advisable to wear white underwear. The colour white will create a contrast with your skin tone. This, in turn, also creates a contrast beneath your shorts or pants. It is like highlighting your undergarments for everyone to see. When wearing white pants or shorts, choose underwear in a colour that is closest to your skin tone. It will blend well with your skin, effectively camouflaging your underwear.

Likewise, if you are wearing dark shorts or trousers, you should also avoid wearing light or brighter coloured undies. It is best to choose solid coloured underwear and to avoid printed ones. A few stripes will not hurt, but loud cartoonish prints can show through your trousers.

Be confident in your style and look more polished and at ease. Choosing the right underwear colour for your outfit can make or break your day. You do not have to worry about making an embarrassing incident of showing off more than what’s necessary. If you are wearing thicker and darker coloured trousers and shorts, then you can wear whatever colour you wish. Just make sure that your strides are thick enough where your underwear does not show through.

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