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Are Your Briefs Good For Working Out?

Are Your Briefs Good For Working Out?

  • 31 March, 2020
  • Brian Lambton

Why choosing the right underwear for sports and an active lifestyle is important, and how sports underwear contribute to superior comfort and results

When you work out, the likely outcome is a lot of sweat. If you move around a lot to exercise, the last thing you want is the wrong underwear. Some people underestimate it, but having good workout briefs is vital to the entire experience.

When you exercise, there are a few things that you want in your briefs. Comfort, strength, elasticity, and breathability are definitely something you want in your workout briefs. Men’s exercise garments are crucial in improving physical performance and can boost your gains.

Do you have the right briefs, active trunks or sports boxers for play and exercise? Here’s what you need to look for when finding the best sports and exercise underwear for you. 

How to Know if You Have Good Briefs for Working Out

When you’re an active bloke, your underwear needs are different from that of an average person. A common problem with your standard briefs is they wear down faster if you’re active. For someone who sits around all day, that’s not a problem since the underwear doesn’t move. It’s a different story if you’re someone who lifts, runs, or plays sports.

Active briefs, trunks or boxers need to let you move around and give you as much range of motion as possible. You don’t want your underwear to be cutting off the blood supply on your thighs and pelvic area and you also don’t want it to be too loose. Loose underwear can bunch up and cause chafing, causing unnecessary discomfort.

Using exercise briefs means having the peace of mind that stretching your legs won’t give you a wedgie. You want to focus on the lifting and running and playing, not having to adjust your undies constantly.

When it comes to sports briefs, there are four things that you should always look for when choosing. These are: 

  • Comfort
  • Strength
  • Elasticity
  • Breathability

These are among the most basic of all the basics, so you want to take these into account. From cotton briefs to premium bamboo fibre briefs, you want to make sure you put these details into perspective.

  • Superior Underwear Comfort

The number one detail that you need to consider with briefs when working out is comfort. There is nothing in this world as annoying than uncomfortable underwear. You want your sports underwear to stay as they are – snug and warm to the groin.

With comfort, the top thing you want to check is the material. About 90% of the comfort that briefs give you comes from using superior materials on its construction. You want to buy superior men’s underwear that doesn’t feel like it’s there.

With that said, there are a few materials that you have to stick to if you want comfy workout briefs. Cotton is basic and generic, and you can’t beat it in comfort, but it’s not outstanding in everything else. You want something better.

The best options are bamboo fibre briefs. Bamboo fibre is soft to the touch and can withstand heavy use better. Companies like us at Dingodude offer premium bamboo rayon in their underwear.

  • Strong Workout Briefs

With your active lifestyle briefs, your next order of business is to factor in the strength of the underwear. Among the most common problems that active people have with their underwear is the level of wear and tear. Because you move and stretch and change positions a lot, the fabric and seams can pull apart.

You want sports underwear that is made of durable material and can handle extreme use. That’s where high-quality bamboo fibre underwear is best to use. Bamboo fabric underwear can handle seams without breaking, and it can last longer than most fabrics.

Strong workout briefs also stay on for longer because they keep their shape better. Because the seams don’t separate as easily as your common tighty whiteys, you get to move with far more freedom. Leg movements are more natural, and your gluteus should feel snugger.

  • High Elasticity Sports Briefs 

Much like strength, elasticity is a crucial component in your active briefs. It’s a collective experience for everyone to have their underwear elastic loosen over time. If you’re working out, a loose pair of briefs is the last thing that you want!

Sports briefs should stay elastic, giving you a wider range of motion without snapping. If you’re getting thicker from weight lifting - well made, elastic underwear can also handle more of you. Premium workout briefs will usually have a higher strength ratio than usual. 

The quality of materials offers better elasticity in the long run. You want to go with a premium underwear brand that is not only comfortable but adjusts to what you need too.

Importance of Breathability In Your Briefs

In any pair of sports or workout briefs breathability is a vital, -  if not the most vital - feature of the underwear. Most people who work out can experience overheating from excessive activity. Having breathable underwear not only helps you stay cool, but it also helps cut body moisture because of good wicking.

Breathability is not limited to how well your briefs allow air flow between your body and sports briefs. Moisture wicking, which is the removal of moisture on your body, is a big help ntoo. With good moisture wicking, premium workout briefs feel cooler to the body instead of feeling wet.

Your breathable briefs should make you feel dry at the same time. Since you’ll likely swim in sweat as you work out, you want to feel dry for longer. Breathability plus a better feeling of dryness means superior long-term performance.

Some of the best materials that offer good breathability are bamboo rayon, cotton, and even modal. Among those, you also want to consider other features like anti-odour, antifungal and antibacterial properties. Covering all those bases, bamboo fibre briefs provide the best extras along with the superior breathability.

Get Bamboo Fibre Briefs For Alpha Performance

Are your briefs suitable for working out? When buying briefs, consider the activities that you want to do in them and consider specific properties. A strong, elastic, comfortable, and breathable pair of briefs go a long way into giving you a good time working out. If you hit the gym regularly and lead an active lifestyle, choosing sports-friendly underwear for all wear is the way to go.

If you’re looking for a fun, personal pair of gym underwear - you want something that works. You want something from Dingodude. 

Dingodude is designed for the active modern man who has identity, taste, and loads of fun. Our company constructs bamboo fibre undies that offer superb moisture-wicking and breathability without losing shape. It’s soft and comfy, giving you the performance you need and is perfect for everyday wear too.

Designed for men by men, Dingodude is for the active man who wants to wear it and forget it. If you’re not sure if your briefs can do the job, these are the pair of sports underwear you need. Browse our products today!

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