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A Short Guide to Choosing the Right Underwear

A Short Guide to Choosing the Right Underwear

  • 29 February, 2020
  • Brian Lambton

Out of all the garments men wear, the underwear is often the one that gets the least attention. We wear them all the time, and we think less about them. Some may even argue that, after all, they’re just underwear. Probably no one else would see it, so what’s the big deal about picking the right underwear?

Why switching to the right underwear is a bigger deal than you think

As it turns out, picking the right underwear is a BIG deal, and for a number of reasons. The most important reason is, of course, for comfort. Have you ever worn underwear so tight that it gets physically restrictive to move around? Or perhaps underwear too loose that you can feel your privates rub against your legs? If you did, then you know how it feels to have underwear that isn’t correctly fitting for you.

Another common reason to switch your underwear is that they get worn out faster than we expect. We often use the same pairs of underwear out of habit. Once they get worn out, they become more stretched out. They won’t provide the same level of comfort anymore. Moreover, they would eventually get off-coloured no matter how hard we try to wash them.

The right underwear would also suit a dynamic and active lifestyle. Most underwear, especially those made from uncomfortable material, wouldn’t give you the right satisfaction. Not only should it compliment your body type; the best underwear allows you to do more.

For all these reasons, it is important by now that you should have the best underwear ready in your closet. But how, exactly, would you find the best underwear for you? Here are six pointers you should note in choosing the best underwear with an Australian Design.

1.      Pick your underwear type.

Picking underwear is easy but choosing the best type of underwear is the opposite. If you aren’t caught up in the latest underwear trends, be advised that there isn’t just one style. Of these styles, the shape and fit make a huge difference. Some of them are more comfortable than others, while some allow more mobility. Even some are specialised to suit a more active, and some a more sexual lifestyle. Knowing the pros and cons of each underwear will be a great help. So here you go, take your pick!

·         Briefs

Briefs have been the classic form of underwear, and recently, they’re making a comeback. They offer some level of comfort and support to your groin and buttocks region while keeping your legs free. This feature allows you more freedom to move around. The traditional high waist briefs offer more coverage, which is good if you want to seem slimmer. The trendy low-waist briefs, on the other hand, are great to accentuate your package down under.

·         Trunks

If you feel that briefs are a little too short, and boxers a little too bulky, then trunks are your perfect underwear. They are notably shorter than boxers but retain the same square shape as boxers do. Just like briefs, the fabric wraps snugly on your thighs, but won’t make you look like you’re wearing nappies.

·         Boxers

Boxers have been a common choice for underwear. Not only are they more breathable than the rest; they also provide more coverage on the thighs. They’re a good option if you’re working out because they give more support and protection.

·         Other specialised underwear

Aside from these common underwear types, there are even more classifications of underwear. They are more specialised on certain functions and occasions, so they aren’t used as often. For instance, jockstraps provide better support for your package, making them the best option for sports and athletics. Also, there are men’s strings that are quite similar to woman’s lingerie. They are intended to highlight the bottoms to boost a man’s sex appeal.

2.      Choose the right size.

When choosing underwear, size matters a lot. It is important to make sure that your underwear fits you nicely. To get the right size, you should first know your own body measurements, such as your waist circumference. This way, finding the right size of underwear becomes a whole lot easier. If you’re looking for a quick reference on what underwear size corresponds to your waist size, click here. However, keep in mind that waist size alone isn’t enough to get the right fit.

3.      Base it on your body type.

As you may imagine, your body shape and type will also affect your decision in choosing the right underwear. Some types of underwear will suit certain types of body build. Here are a few pointers for each body type:

·         For the slim build

Slim men are stuck in a dilemma. Wearing short briefs would expose their already thin build. On the other hand, wearing bulky boxers would only make you appear thinner. For these reasons, they are perfect in trunks. Trunks are longer and cover more than briefs, while not being baggy at the same time.

·         For the tall build

If you’re tall, wearing underwear that is too short will only make you feel more exposed. You will need underwear that has the most length and coverage. That is where boxers come in handy. With boxers, you will get to cover more leg space, which makes you look not as tall.

·         For the short build

The opposite happens for men who are shorter than average. Wearing longer underwear will only make you look even shorter. Therefore, wearing briefs is your best bet. With shorter underwear, you will show more leg space area, making you seem taller.

4.      Find one with the colour of your choice.

Choosing the right colour of underwear may not seem as important. However, choosing the best ones will not only highlight your masculinity but also save you from potentially embarrassing yourself. Neutral colours, such as black, grey, white, beige, and navy blue, are common popular options. On the other hand, if you are specifically intending to appear sexier to your partner, you may choose brighter colours like red.

5.      Go for the best fabric.

Aside from the cut and colour, the material that makes up the underwear is an essential consideration. The material itself can indicate if your underwear is breathable, comfortable, and flexible. Here are some of the common fabrics that make up underwear:

·         Cotton

A popular garment of all clothing types, cotton is breathable and comfortable to wear. Cotton is also absorbent, which prevents moisture and sweat from accumulating on your package. However, they can get dirty more often as a result of these absorbent features.

·         Microfibre

If you’re looking for maximum breathability, then microfibres are a good consideration. Microfibres are heat resistant and are highly absorbent. Microfibre, therefore, is a popular fabric for sporting underwear.

·         Bamboo fibre

Bamboo is an uncommon yet popular material. They are rarer compared to other types of material. Extracted from natural bamboo, this fibre is so fine and soft to touch, making them surprisingly breathable and comfortable. The material is also good in either hot or cold weather.

The benefits of bamboo underwear don’t stop there. Unlike other absorbent materials which can get dirty as soon as they were moist, bamboo fibres are anti-bacterial. This way, you’ll still feel fresh and dry down there. They are also hypoallergenic, so if you’re allergic to certain fabrics like cotton, bamboo is your suitable option. Moreover, bamboo fabric has natural UV protection, keeping your package free from harmful radiation.

6.      Trust a reliable brand.

We now know that choosing the perfect underwear is not as easy as we imagined. We need to consider a lot of things, such as the underwear type, size, colour, and material as well as our body shape and build. Now that you know how to find the best under these guidelines, it’s about time to choose a reliable brand you can trust.

There are a lot of popular international brands for underwear. But why not choose an Australian design that’s far better in terms of quality and comfort? Look no further than Dingodude! We are a proud Australian design brand of underwear specialised in bamboo fibre. Choose from our wide range of briefs, trunks, and boxers, with varying colours and sizes fit for you!

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